Please assist my email changeover!

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Hello friends.
I’ve been upgrading my web site and will soon be changing to a new email host for my mail outs. Now I have a dilemma. Y’all signed up for notes from me on a server that no longer allows me to access your addresses. Yikes!  I’d like to take you with me to my new host, but I don’t know who you are! So I’m asking you kindly to send me an email at: and let me know you’d still like to be included in my mail outs. I’m really sorry to trouble you. (I’m even more sorry that Feedburner was bought by another business and now provides me no assistance in accessing your email addresses.) Within a week I’ll make this change. So if you don’t follow up with a note to me, you will no longer receive my emails. Thanks for letting me ask. I appreciate your support. Cheers — Mady