Vocal Production

Vocal Production

Mady Kaye has been actively involved in vocal production in the studio for the last twenty five years or more. If you are recording a CD or demo, she can help you get the best possible results from your singing while you are in the studio, and/or in post-production during the vocal editing process. Ms. Kaye is very familiar with Pro Tools and all the perks it offers the singer, from improvement in intonation to tempering of vibrato to minimization of consonant attack.

Some of the studios in which Ms. Kaye has coached vocalists include:
Flashpoint Recording Studio,
Parrot Tracks Studio,
Stinson Studios, Bixmeaux Studio and Congress House.

Production Reviews

Read some endorsements from colleagues who have worked with Mady Kaye in vocal production.

Mady Kaye is absolutely marvelous as a producer of vocal sessions. She works with the artist on all aspects of singing in a recording studio, and has a magical ability to get the singer to deliver an outstanding performance. Plus, she’s fun to be around and so darn cute!
– Paul Pearcy, Producer

Mady destressifies vocal sessions by giving her students the tools, power and knowledge they need to perform well. Mady is always a pleasure to work with and the results she gets with her students never cease to amaze me.
–Bennet Spielvogel, Owner of Flashpoint Recording Studio, Austin, TX

One mark of a great producer is the ability to gently coax magic from the artist . To extract performances that the artist wasn’t aware they were capable of. Mady Kaye has this gift in spades! To watch her work as she listens for the rainbows that are possible in a vocal performance is pure magic itself.
—John Stinson, Stinson Studios/Productions

Mady Kaye has the fantastic talents and abilities to help singers extract the passion in a song. She quickly figures out and teaches vocal harmonies and coaches singers in breathing techniques to correct vocal problems.
–George Coyne, Owner of Parrot Tracks Studio, Austin, TX