Vocal Instruction

Vocal Instruction

Mady Kaye has been offering private vocal instruction in Austin since 1975. Her first vocal classes were at Capitol City Playhouse in the mid 1970’s. She now teaches exclusively in her own studio, one on one, and sometimes with small groups of band members. Her teaching practice is limited to adults, no beginners. Since the pandemic began, lessons are also offered on zoom. Lessons last an hour and are usually on an every-other-week basis.  The cost is $80.  Teaching days/times are by appointment, usually between the hours of  3 and 8 p.m.  Ms. Kaye also has years of experience instructing students with vocal issues such as nodes, chronic fatigue or vocal overuse.  Several local Ear, Nose and Throat physicians routinely refer their patients to her studio.

Mady KayeMs. Kaye has presented Vocal Performance Workshops at the Armstrong Community Music School of the Austin Lyric Opera. She has also been a regular presenter of Vocal Performance Workshops through the annual Women in Jazz Concerts and affiliated workshops.

Ms. Kaye started her own vocal study at the age of thirteen. She pursued her vocal training through college and graduate school, and during the years she lived in New York. Her early training was in bel canto. In New York Ms. Kaye continued her studies with a jazz vocal coach. Mady Kaye holds two degrees in music: a B.A. from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, and certification from the Kodaly Musical Training Institute, Wellesley, MA.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help over the years. You have made me a better vocalist
and a much better songwriter.  I would never have thought about writing for the instrument
of the voice had you not taught me… I can sing (these wordy songs) because you taught me
how to choose words that roll off the tongue.  Thank you Mady.”
– James McMurtry


“I have taken voice lessons from Mady Kaye for many years. She is the foundation of my singing skills and techniques, and hands down the best teacher I have ever had. Her teaching methods helped me not just as a vocalist, but also as a songwriter, lyricist, musician, and performer. My life and career would not be the same had I never been her student.”

– Jackie Venson


Austin Chronicle’s Critics Picks (1995)
Best Professional Voice Instruction

Mady Kaye. A very talented musician and singer in her own right, Mady Kaye is also a much sought after vocal instructor. Beginners with career aspirations and professionals who just want to keep their chops in shape are among her legion of satisfied students. Kaye’s main criteria for selecting students is that they share the same delight in singing and
professional attitude reflected in her own work.

–Austin Chronicle

Vocal Warm-Up CDs

Mady Kaye has created four volumes of vocal warm-up CDs. Each volume has instructions and a demonstration of the exercise, followed by the exercise itself, which is piano with metronome. (All instruction/demos are the odd numbered cuts; the exercises are the even-numbered cuts.) Volume 1 is fairly basic warm up, gradually moving toward harder exercises. Volume 2 assumes you are basically warmed up and is more vocally athletic. Volume 3 has an emphasis on ear training, moving from easier to harder exercises. Volume 4 addresses access to the low range, again moving from less to more demanding exercises. CDs are $15.00. To purchase a vocal warm-up CD, please contact Mady Kaye directly at mady@madykaye.com. All orders are handled personally.